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I was looking for some good zero turn mower reviews on the internet, I wanted to read as much as possible, since I wanted to know which models are good, what to evaluate and how to judge them. I like them since zero-turn mowers are great tools, they are somehow a bit different compared, for example, to rear engine riding mowers or to lawn tractors, due to the different steering system (they use read wheels to steer, not the front wheels)

The interesting fact is that people don’t necessarily love to cut the grass, even if they love their lawn so, trying to address this demand, engineers tried to come up with better solutions, better lawn machines that cut the grass in a more efficient way, in some cases making obsolete the use of trimmers in difficult areas. Well, zero turn mowers are part of this solution.

Husqvarna RZ3016 zero-turn mower, a great choice for the moneyHusqvarna RZ3016 30-Inch 16.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Gas Powered Zero Turn Riding Lawn MowerHusqvarna$$$$3.8
Swisher ZTR2460BS zero-turn mower, a solid commercial mowerSwisher ZTR2460BS ZTR 24HP Response Briggs Riding Mower, 60-InchSwisher$$$$NA
Swisher ZT 2452A zero turn mower reviewed on 247lawn.comSwisher ZT2452A 52-Inch 24 HP Zero Turn Riding Mower Swisher$$$$NA
Simplicity Axion zero turn mowerSimplicity Axion 21 / 42 Zero Turn 7800612Simplicity$$$$NA
ariens 991087 lawn mower, an entry level commercial zero turn mowerAriens 991087 Max Zoom 60 725cc 25 HP 60 in. Zero Turn Riding MowerAriens$$$$NA

They are indeed larger, more expensive tools (at least comparing to rear engine mowers and push mowers) and they are usually used on larger lawns. The big advantage of ZTMs is their great maneuverability, the fact that they can turn on spot, with zero radius, making them ideal for working on an uneven lawn, where obstacles are present and, at the same time, cutting the grass so close to the obstacles than there is no need to trim. They are that good! However, they may have difficulties on wet slopes, because of the tires, which are usually small.

Long story short, the strongest point of these machines is the maneuverability and, of course, a strong advantage comes with a price, which is not low (the cheapest residential ZTM starts somewhere around $2200-2300 and the price could go up to more than $15.000 for commercial zero turn mowers).

Now, maneuverability being a certainty, if you want to spend your dollars buying one, we should know what makes a good ZTM:

  • the engine. First thing first, the engine is like the most important component of such a mower. Usually, go with a brand here, buy a mower that is powered by a Briggs and Stratton motor or a Kawasaki, they will just run forever with proper oil change
  • the parts. Well, here we can make a difference indeed, since all those vibrations and the constant pressure of a powerful engine will affect other components. Again, I would go with a powerful brand since a smaller brand might just have cheap parts, to cut costs, that will soon collapse and you would not want that
  • how easy is to drive it around: there are zero turn mowers that have a steering wheel, most of them have steering levers and some have a simple joystick(see below), you should see which one would you feel more comfortable driving, which solution represents you better.

Let’s see a few zero turn mower reviews to understand the differences

I won’t review them in detail, it’s just a short overview, to get the idea. So:

Cub Cadet Rider 365L review

Cub Cadet 365LOne of the largest and powerful ZTMs we review here, Rider 365L is almost a commercial zero turn mower, but…it all has a price, it costs over $6000 but the money are well spent. It’s a well built machine, has a safety PTO disengagement in reverse, it has a V-twin, liquid cooled engine, has a deck/cutting height of 54in/1.25-4.25 in, a ground speed of 7 mph and has a noise level of 90 dBA

Short Sears Craftsman EZT lawn tractor review

Sears Craftsman ZTM has a single cylinder engine, but more than enough power for the job. Reaches 5.7 mph, has a noise level of 91 dBA and a price of only $3700, which is way smaller compared to the above Cub Cadet. It can be driven using the 2 steering levers. It’s a pretty decent zero turn mower, but it has some strange positioned controls, like the parking brake knob. As I was previously said, a reliable machine, good for the money you spend on it, cuts well and works well. As an observation, Sears Craftsman is made by Ariens and is pretty identical to Ariens models.

Simplicity ZT 1850 Hydro

Simplicity zero turn mower, we review it here on siteGreat design, great quality for the price of $5200, easiness to handle. These are just a few of the observations we’ve made regarding Simplicity ZT 1850 model. It’s a tidy machine that gives you a great first impression, impression that remains after using it. Steers well, cuts the grass well, in one word: great!

Short review of Snapper Yard Cruiser zero-turn mower

Very comfortable seat, one of the most comfortable ZTMs, with accessible controls, rugged and solid look. Good points so far. How do you drive it? Well, with a single…joystick! Now, it may be OK if you used to be a gamer as a child, otherwise it may be a bit difficult to steer it around! Personally I didn’t like the joystick, honestly. The price is $4000, which is not much, but certainly it’s not a cheap mower. Has a V-twin engine, has a speed of 5.8 mph and a noise level of 90 dBA, same as others, not change here.

Review of Husqvarna Rider 14 Pro zero-turn mower

For the same price of $4000 you could go for a Husqvarna Ride 14 Pro, a well designed machine, with a smaller engine, but with a good overall look and feel. The mower has a steering wheel, which comes as a great advantage, comparing to the above joystick, the deck can be easily adjusted with a lever, has a hydro-static transmission, operated with 2 pedals, a V-twin engine, a speed of 5.3 mph and a noise level of only 8.4 dBA. As a short conclusion, it’s a great mower to own and operate, a great choice for homeowners

There are a lot of mowers out there and there are a lot of reviews, we just tried to come up with a few ideas, a few mowers that we observed, tested or got in contact with. It’s a difficult task to select the best, but with a bit of effort you can have a good idea, which one is better and why. On the internet you can find a lot of zero turn mower reviews, try to read them all and read what owners had to say. It’s good to read both reviews that technical people writes since they tested more than one mower and they can compare indeed, but it’s also useful to read what owners have to say since they own the machine for a longer period and got to see the string and weak points of the machine.

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