You too want the best electric lawn mower?

As you may already know , I love lawn mowers, all kinds, from trimmers to tractors, but I am really intrigued and attracted by electric ones, so I planned to find the best electric lawn mower on the market so I started to look around and read about them as much as possible. OK, I know this may be way more difficult than you can imagine since it may not always be possible to have an absolute solution, but I will do my best and come up with practical reasons and criteria to judge by.

Man mowing the lawn using an electric lawn mowerFirst, in just a few words, I want to tell you why I like electric mowers better than gas powered ones:

  • One of the first things that come to my mind is the noise level: gas powered mowers are way noisier than electric ones. That’s a fact, you can’t deny it!
  • Electric mowers are cleaner, since they don’t need fuel.
  • An electric lawn mower needs less maintenance than a gas powered one

I know, I know, they are less powerful, but hey, I still like them! Ah, and we should also consider the price, electric lawnmowers tend to be more expensive.

Best battery powered lawnmowersBlack & Decker SPCM1936Black & Decker$$$4.1
Homelite electric lawn mowers are great little toysHomelite UTl3126Homelite$$$NA
Neuton lawn mowerNeuton CE6Neuton$$$3.8
remington electric mowerRemington 18A-212B783Remington$$$NA
stilllawnmowerStihl RMA 370Stihl$$$NA

What to choose? A cordless electric mower or a corded one?

Now, we should consider the fact that there are corded and cordless electric lawn mowers. Is a corded mower better than a cordless one? Well, depends on what you may judge: corded electric mowers have a better autonomy since they are continuously powered by power cable, while cordless mowers rely on the autonomy of their battery (which may be pretty low in some cases, some batteries don’t last more than an hour, soon we will have here an article about which is the best lawn mower battery, so stay close). On the other hand, a cordless mower can be taken further away since it’s not constrained by any cable and it can also be driven through bushes, trees, without taking care of the long cable that may get stuck into you don’t know what bush or tree.

How the best electric lawn mower should be? What features should it have?

Well, there would be a couple of specific criteria to judge, such as:

  1. Performance. This would be one of the best criteria to judge, after all this ain’t a beauty contest. Look for how well it mows the grass, how well it bags the grass, how well it discharges or mulches the grass. These should be your main criteria, not the looks.
  2. After judging the performance, take a look to how it looks and behaves. Does it have an ergonomic look, are all the buttons and knobs easy to reach? Sometimes you need fast access to buttons and you should pay attention to this now, not when you actually need it, it may be too late at that moment.
  3. Also look at the features your newly acquired electric mower has to offer features such as:
  • is the mower self-propelled? It may come handy since you may get tired soon
  • does the mower have a bail handle to cut the power to the blade when the mower is on?
  • one-touch height adjustment means you can adjust the cutting height just once, not once for every wheel
  • is it corded or cordless?
  • what power does the mower develops?
  • what area of grass can it mow? How large is your yard? You should pay attention to these numbers since once the battery is dead, you need to recharge it and this may take a lot of time. Or replace it with another one and this takes me to the next point…
  • can the battery be removed? Don’t look that intrigued, I have seen electric mowers that had the battery inside the body, without the possibility to replace it.
  • in case it is a cordless electric mower, does it come with a battery remaining indicator?
  • how long does it take to be recharged? This is huge since some electric mowers last less than one hour, after that you need to recharge them and, pay attention, most electric mowers take around 8-10 hours to be fully recharged! Not very pleasant, I know! The good news is that there are some of them that take less, like Recharge ultralight, which only takes 2 hours to be fully recharged! Now, that’s performance when it comes to recharging the battery. However, one thing I don’t know is the actual life of the battery since usually, fast recharging batteries don’t have a long lifespan.
  • does your electric mower have a safe start key?
  • price, a factor to really consider! Stay away from the cheapest ones and buy the most expensive one on your own risk!
  • how easy can you clean the deck?
  • overall impression of durability. Don’t smile, but some electric lawn mowers have the shell built from quality plastic or light aluminium and some other, well, how to put it…they should have been built better

There are many criteria to judge an electric mower by and we tried to list above the most important ones. I can only tell you that some mowers are better in some of these areas and worse in some others. They can be that bad in some areas that I can not even imagine how did it pass the quality assurance tests, really! I mean some of them are great, small jewels, while others are big, rugged creatures, some of them fall apart, they are built out of the worst plastic available and others are just flawless. It is difficult to name them all, but we listed in the above table the a few great ones (one of them may actually be the best electric lawn mower out there), based on the criteria we mentioned. However, you should judge it by yourself in the end and make the wisest decision for yourself, based on your personal preferences too.

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