Homemade weed killer ideas, tips and tricks

As I was already saying in a previous article I wrote on this site, an article about best weed killer for lawns, one of the best solutions may be a homemade weed killer, due to the fact that is cheap, does not impact the environment in a bad way (the way chemical herbicides do) and it’s easy to prepare. Also, for those of you interested in self development, I can tell you nothing is better for building self esteem and self confidence like solving a problem by yourself, with your own hands. And this is definitively one of those situations where you could handle it with just a small effort and a bit of research.

So, let’s see a few homemade weed killer recipes, from simple ones to more elaborated

Kill weeds the hard way: pull’em up!

First thing first, I had to get it off my chest: the simplest method is by manually removing the weeds. I know it sounds too simple to list it here, but hey, it is actually one of the best way to do it and you know what? No matter what herbicide you may use, in the end you’ll surely find a couple of weeds that you’ll need to remove by hand, there may be no other way. There, I said it.

Boiling water is a great way to kill weeds

Boiling water is one of those simple solutions that work. The fact is that there is even a principle, named Ocam blade that says simplest solution is usually the one that’s true. Why not apply it here and keep your lawn weed free with just a bit of boiling water that you pour on weeds? They’ll die instantly I can guarantee you that! This is a solution that works even on larger areas where you don’t want anything to grow.

Rubbing alcohol is another great way to solve it

Spray some alcohol and it will kill weeds for good. Just pay attention to not spray it on your lawn since it’ll burn pretty much everything. Some people use a form of protection, like a separator, a paper or wood wall that they put between the weeds and the plant, where it is possible to prevent the application to kill good plants.

OK now, I listed above a few simple solution that work well and do the trick. Now let’s mix’em up and come up with a bit more elaborated solutions:

Mixing vinegar and dish liquid makes a very popular, if not the most popular home made weed killer you’ll find

Homemade weed killer made of vinegar, salt and dish washing liquidVinegar by itself will do the trick, you just need to spray some on your weeds and they will die. However, in order to penetrate better and make the vinegar stick to the leaves, combine it with some dish washing liquid. This way you’ll have a more efficient solution. Weeds will die somewhere around a week.

Another version of the above recipe is the one where you add salt. Again, salt is not good for plants. Salt by itself will hurt them and even kill them, but when mixed with vinegar and dish liquid, you’ve got yourself a really good weed killer, one that you should be proud of. Anyway, with or without salt, keep vinegar close when it comes to getting rid of unwanted weeds.

How do you mix them? Well, mix together 1 gallon of white vinegar with 5% acidity, 1 cup table salt and a spoon of dish washing liquid, shake the recipient and you’ve got yourself an organic solution that will fix your weed problems. However, label it and store it where your children can’t find it. Just to be sure, OK?

Well, this is the most famous recipe for this kind of homemade solutions, a mix that you’ll probably read about quite a lot on the internet. You can see a video presentation below

Another solution is salt mixed with soapy water

Here, I guess the salt will do the job and the soapy water only glues the solution to the leaves, assuring the salt will have time to work. It is known to work on poison ivy

Use baking soda to stop weeds, grass or anything else that grows between brick walls

Baking soda lowers the pH of soil so nothing will grow there. This is good, as the title says, on brick walls, for example, or on stone pavements where you don’t want to see anything green between bricks.

Lemon juice

Straight lemon juice is another efficient DIY weed killer, just that it is not that cheap. Vinegar is cheaper. If you want to enhance the effect, you can mix it with vinegar.

Now that you have a homemade weed killer, do you know when to use it?

No matter what is your solution for getting rid of the weeds, please pay attention that is important to use it on a sunny day, after the morning dew has dried out. Watch the forecast, in order to have 24 hours without rain after applying the solution and make sure you don’t apply it on a windy day, in order to prevent the solution get to the rest of the plants.

That’s about all! I am a fan of homemade solutions, in any area of activity since natural solutions don’t impact the environment in a negative way and here, in lawn and garden maintenance activities, this argument is crucial. We work with plants, with soil and we should be in the first line when advocating a natural, organic way of living. See, organic way may be slower than industrial one, but the long term advantages are huge. I am a big fan of organic food, of any organic product and solution and that is why I really love using a homemade weed killer instead of a chemical one and I strongly advise you to do the same! You will feel better and the soil, on the long run, will be way better too!

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