A great community interested in lawn mowers

We love mowers and lawnI am interested in lawn mowers since a good while, I started to read about them, to write about them, to study everything I can. You could even say I became some kind of a maniac about lawn and about all those beautiful machines that are related to lawn. I started to read books about them, I started to join forums about them, I started to read blogs, join communities etc.

You know what I found out? I found out that there’s a lot of us! Indeed, guys, we are many! Almost every guy in USA loves his lawn and I think this is something to really be proud of. And since every guy loves his lawn, every guy needs a mower of some kind, more or less expensive, so the market is actually blooming!

You can find us in lawn mower forums

I found a lot of guys on forums trying to learn, a lot of guys trying to help, and this is even better! I found that there is a hidden market where people buy and sell second hand mowers, to buy better models or just to try something new!

I found out that inside this community there are also a lot of women. You may say that it’s a job for men and probably it is, but you’d be surprised to see that more and more women are interested in their lawn.

There’s a huge repair and spare parts market for mowers

I found out there’s a large related market, like mower repair services, spare parts, once you get to know it, you’ll learn to love it since you can find absolutely anything and, a very important thing, people are willing to help, no matter what! I love this! I love everything about this market.

You know what? I have found that this activity, even if it becomes a bit slow during winter, still goes strong! You would be surprised to see that people buy lawn mowers even in December! Really, in December people buy mowers as a gift for somebody else or for themselves! And I speak about real money, I speak about thousand of dollars spent on one single product! A zero turn mower may cost up to $15000!

Another interesting fact that I have observed is that people interested in lawn mowers behave exactly like people interested in motorcycles, they barely wait to see the sun and grass, to take their mowers out for…a ride! Honestly, they are, or should I say WE ARE people with a mission!

Mowers start real passions, people start with something small and soon they need something bigger, something larger, from a push mower they go to a rear engine riding mower, then to a tractor or to a zero turn mower, it’s crazy! We love it, we love buying, we love getting our hands dirty fixing them and we love mowing. Am I right or what?

The fun fact is that when ┬ástarted to get interested in this, my wife started to get interested too, she asked me about them, soon she joined me for looking at mowers, it’s a family hobby now (kind of). My baby girl doesn’t YET have this hobby, but hey, who knows, maybe she’ll join the community one day, who can tell?

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